David G. Trager Papers from the NYC Charter Revision Commissions: Dec. 1986-Nov. 1988 & Dec. 1988-Nov. 1989

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This letter from Eric Lane, Executive Director and Counsel of the Charter Revision Commission to David Trager, Commission Member discusses a September 22, 1987 private hearing on ethics. The letter is dated September 14, 1987. Attached to the letter were annotated versions of Chapters 34 (Department of Investigation) and 68 (Ethics) of the charter and portions of Chapters 49 (Officers and Employees) and 2 (Council). Also enclosed with the letter were a briefing paper on Chapter 68; an outline form summary of the testimony on the subjects presented at the public hearings (excluding Queens); a submission suggesting changes to the Board of Ethics; summary of the proposal for the changes to the Board of Ethics, and a copy of Kenneth Conboy's remarks to the New York County Lawyers Association. This document along with several others were originally contained in a binder labeled, "Materials re: First Private Hearing (Ethics)."