Brooklyn Journal of International Law


Aaron Earlywine

First Page



An autopsy of the world’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic reveals many preexisting conditions that only exacerbated the crisis. Chief among them are the failures and obfuscations of the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is sick with corruption, incompetence, or at very least riddled with dysfunction. This is not the first time the WHO has proven itself unable to meet the demands of global health initiatives, let alone global health crises. Not only is this dysfunctional organization proving itself to be a money-consuming abscess, but hostile powers, namely China, have used it to covertly wield influence and shield themselves from the political ramifications of poor public health policy and decisions. The WHO as a concept was not dead-on arrival, but neglect and poor execution have made this agency’s faults potentially incurable. A new agency is needed. And in this age of great power competition and a new Cold War, having such an agency on your side might be just what the doctor ordered.